Monday, 5 March 2012

My new Christian Romance book!

My new Kindle book, By His Grace, the first in The Morgan Brothers series, is now out on Amazon.

Book ONE of The Morgan Brothers series
254 printed pages
Grace Elliot, under the advice of a family friend, broke her engagement to Daniel Morgan four years earlier as she did not want to be the wife of a Pastor. Now she has returned home to southern California from England due to her father's illness and intends to avoid Daniel at all costs. This proves to be more difficult than she thought, and his attempts to speak to Grace are thwarted by the beautiful Courtney. The dubious Jason Highfield is added to the mix. By His Grace is a sweet romance.

Look for BOOK TWO: Caroline's Gift, coming April 2012; BOOK THREE, That Which Is Secret, coming 2012; BOOK FOUR: A Mustard Seed, coming 2012.


  1. WOOHOO!!! Congrats Kathleen. I hope you have many, many sales. :)

  2. Thank you so much! That is very sweet of you!

  3. Kathleen, Thanks for hooking up on Goodreads and my blog, my first follower!! Yippee!! I'm looking forward to reading your book. I got a Kindle for Christmas which has proved perfect for things like this.

  4. Hi Diane, wow! I am honored! :-) Yay!! I'm addicted to my Kindle! I hope you enjoy the book!


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